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The influence of the reducer's gear work in gearbox


this is gear  reducer from luoyang hongxin heavy machinery co.,ltd. 

The product is mainly applied to the mining, cement, petroleum equipments and the power plants. 

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Henan, China (Mainland)
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ZHLR-115K, 130K, 150K, 170K
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Luoyang Hongxin
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(A) The influence of the reducer gear reducer machining error on the noise. Reducing and controlling gear noise is fundamental to reducing noise in gear reducers. In order to reduce gear noise, it is necessary to consider both structural design and gear accuracy.

1, low noise gear structure design requirements. The influence of the gear structure design on noise is very important. The ideal design is: to increase the bending strength of the gear teeth as much as possible, and to select a larger coefficient of displacement and an appropriate helix angle so as to increase the meshing coefficient so as to reduce the noise. .

2. The effect of reducer gear manufacturing precision on noise. For standard series gear reducer motors, the manufacturing accuracy of the reducer gear determines its noise value. The main purpose of a geared motor gear is to transmit speed and torque, so its gear manufacturing precision requirements, and its level of job-stability are primary. The gears with a higher level of work stability not only have a long service life, but also have a small impact and vibration in the transmission and a small noise. Therefore, the limitation of the work stability of the gears is the key to reduce gear noise.

(b) The effect of accuracy of work stability on noise. The smoothness of the reducer gear work is required to limit the change of the instantaneous speed ratio of the gear. The error is the rotational angle error that occurs several times per revolution of the gear. It gearbox causes the gear to produce impact, vibration and noise of the gear in the meshing process. It is a high-frequency impact sound. The factors that affect the smoothness of the work for a gear are its base-section error and its involute profile error.

(3) The influence of the contact accuracy of reducer gears on noise. The comprehensive index for assessing gear contact accuracy is the contact spot, and the badly contacted gear has a large noise. Causes of unsatisfactory gear contact include: tooth-to-center errors affect tooth-to-head direction contact, base pitch and tooth shape errors affect tooth-to- tooth contact.

(D) The influence of the reducer's gear movement accuracy on noise. The accuracy of the reducer gears refers to the accuracy of the transmission movement, ie, the maximum error of the rotation angle error of one rotation of the gear cannot exceed a certain limit. Since the accuracy of the gear movement is a large periodicity (one rotation of the gear) error, the accumulated error of Zhou Jie from the gear ring radial runout within one rotation of the gear will produce low-frequency noise, but when the cumulative error of the week increases, it will cause The impact of the gear meshing and the change of the angular velocity, at this time, the noise is obviously increased and a “rumbling” sound is emitted.

(5) The effect of wheel eccentric bias on noise. Unbalanced centrifugal force is generated when the wheel eccentrically weighted gear is in the meshing operation. It is an alternating stress, which can cause vibration of the wheel train and generate noise. Therefore, dynamic balance detection of the reducer wheel is necessary.High Efficiency Reduction Cycoidal Gear Speed Reducer

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